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Dry Vacuum Excavators

For non-destructive excavation for sensitive assets

We provide direct wet hire of the latest dry excavation trucks, also known as dry vacs, for non-destructive digging applications.

Dry Vac X - Dry Vacuum Truck in operation

Crafted in Germany, the dry vacuum trucks represent the pinnacle of vacuum excavation technology globally.


Utilising potent dry suction methods, the dry vacs excavate without making contact with pipes or cables, ensuring a delicate touch and safeguarding subterranean utilities. Unlike traditional methods, dry vacs do not use water, thus eliminating the production of muddy residues. This means the material excavated is clean and can be immediately reused without any prior processing or drying.


Employing dry vac technology significantly reduces water consumption and environmental contamination, leading to markedly faster construction timelines. Additional advantages encompass minimised disruption to traffic, enhanced protection for both underground infrastructure and construction personnel, as well as a clean, dust-free digging process with lower carbon dioxide emissions.

Dry Vac X - Dry Vacuum Truck in operation
Dry Vac X - Dry Vacuum Truck in operation
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